Switzerland - Sir Taki

My name is Sir Taki and I am a visual artist. Switzerland is the country that welcomed and gave work to my two grandfathers when they left northern Italy and Sicily respectively. I seriously wonder how this country with various languages, cultures and people is a united country! Finally, I think that the Swiss share this land harmoniously, welded by common values. Far from the cliché of the banks wealth and financial institutions, i believe that the strength of this small landlocked country is reflected in research and its capacity of innovation. Even if I dream of traveling in space, my travels by train between Lugano where I grew up and Fribourg where I was born, leave me with memorable memories.

A sentence of Jorge Luis Borges could well describe my work, and according to me, also represents a beautiful image of the Man: "A man decides to draw the world. As the time passes, it fills a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fish, wards, instruments, stars, horses and of people. Shortly before his death, he discovers that this patient labyrinth of lines draws the essential features of his own face."



Sir Taki Elly 2018
Elly, 2018
Rita Sir Taki 2015
Rita, 2015
Sir Taki artist
The Vullos, 2018
Sir Taki artist
Atlas, 2016
Sir Taki artist
Patrick, 2016