Roma - Davide Cicolani

If I had to introduce myself in three words, I would say "Hello", "Welcome" and "Davide"! My name is Davide Cicolani and I am a Roman artist. I love Roma more than anything, I grew up and I live there. As soon as I have to leave her, I miss her already and I only dream of one thing, to meet her again. I even chose the theme of Roma to make a serie of paintings.

Everyone must go to Roma at least once in their life, watch its colors worn by time and changing with seasons, and especially, mix with the Romans whose most beautiful value is in my opinion their ability to share. Although it is a European capital, Roma is organised as a village where people exchange.

I draw my inspiration from the Roman artist Mario Schifano. He arrived from Libya after the Second World War and is totally self-taught in his painting, his collages or as a film director. He is best known for his postmodern collages during the Warhol era, but always managed to evolve with his time by testing new techniques.